Bitcoin Collaborative Custody

At The Bitcoin Adviser, we prioritise the security of your Bitcoin investments, and one crucial way we achieve this is through collaborative custody—a method that leverages Bitcoin multi-sig technology to safeguard your assets. We firmly believe this approach provides a reliable, fortified layer of protection for Bitcoin holders.

Understanding Collaborative Custody

In the world of Bitcoin, collaborative custody is a practice that heightens your Bitcoin's security by entrusting its safeguarding to a team, rather than a single entity. Aiming to decrease risks associated with hacking, internal theft, or even human error, collaborative custody employs Bitcoin multi-signature (multi-sig) wallets. These wallets demand consensus among multiple holders before any transaction can take place, therefore adding a robust layer of security to your Bitcoin assets.

Collaborative Custody with The Bitcoin Adviser

For optimal balance of security trade-offs, The Bitcoin Adviser works with a number of trusted third parties specialising in collaborative custody. 

Here's how our multi-signature setup works: you, our client, hold one key; the Vault Provider retains another, and we, at The Bitcoin Adviser, possess the third key. This arrangement ensures no single party can control your Bitcoin—it requires a consensus of two of three keys to sign any sending transaction.

Unmatched Security Measures in Place

With a Vault Provider account, you maintain control over two-factor authentication (2FA) security, which means only you can authorise transactions from your multi-signature account. Additionally, Unchained offers optional security measures such as video recording of your authorisation for withdrawal transactions, reinforcing your sovereignty over your funds.

As a partner with us, rest easy knowing there are instructions and precautions ready to address any event of lost or stolen keys, or to transfer your funds if necessary.

Track Record of Excellence

We're proud to mention that we currently manage over $100 million of Bitcoin in this collaborative custody setup for our broad range of clients, and not a single satoshi has been lost under our watch.

Whether you're considering secure Bitcoin storage options like Trezor, Coldcard, or Ledger, remember that the collaborative custody model adopted by The Bitcoin Adviser provides a reliable, enhanced security solution that integrates seamlessly with these technologies.

When it comes to the safekeeping of your Bitcoin, let collaborative custody take the helm. After all, your Bitcoin's security should be as resilient as the blockchain technology that powers it. With The Bitcoin Adviser, safeguard your financial legacy efficiently and confidently with our collaborative custody solutions.