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Peter & Andy's Podcast Appearances

21 Apr 2024 - Bitcoin Will BREAK The $400T Debt This Decade?

CJK #My2Sats - Bitcoin Will BREAK The $400T Debt This Decade?


00:00:00 - Introduction by CJK with Peter Dunworth.

00:06:31 - Discussion on Bitcoin as pristine collateral.

00:13:02 - Impact of Bitcoin on traditional financial systems.

00:19:33 - Bitcoin's role as a hedge within the financial system.

00:26:04 - The potential market value of Bitcoin compared to global debt.

00:32:35 - Institutional interest in Bitcoin and its financial implications.

00:39:06 - Future financial products centered around Bitcoin.

00:45:37 - Regulatory aspects and challenges of Bitcoin integration.

00:52:08 - Comparison of Bitcoin to traditional assets like gold.

00:58:39 - Closing thoughts on the future impact of Bitcoin.

29 Mar 2024 - This will be even bigger than Bitcoin ETFs | Peter Dunworth

Robin Seyr - ETFs brought massive inflows of money already in and will bring a lot more in the coming years.


00:24 Why Bitcoin is Important

05:53 Misunderstandings and Paradoxes of Bitcoin

07:29 Bitcoin's Role in Fixing Money

08:35 Bitcoin's Price Targets and Valuation

12:24 Bitcoin as the Base Layer and Functional Credit System

15:44 The Role of Structured Products in Bitcoin Adoption

25:01 The Impact of Bitcoin on Governments

26:57 The Inevitability of Bitcoin Adoption

28:15 The Inability to Ban Bitcoin

35:12 Tips for Self-Custody and the Importance of Taking it Seriously

40:57 The Future of Bitcoin and Institutional Demand

Bitcoin Alive 2024 sessions with Peter and Andy.

23 Mar 2024 - The Only Incorrect Allocation is Zero

23 Mar 2024 - The Future of Bitcoin Custody

23 Mar 2024 - Bitcoin Super

Three sessions from the Bitcoin Alive Conference in Sydney on 23rd March 2024 with 

24 Jan 2024 - A $1,000,000 bitcoin won't cause chaos

Unchained - Peter Dunworth and Luke Broyles


00:01:35 What are the implications of humanity discovering bitcoin?

00:08:06 How do you value bitcoin?

00:17:48 Comprehending rapid technological innovation

00:25:00 Perfect scarcity clashing with real world abundance

00:29:22 ETF is approved, now what?

00:38:53 93% of all bitcoin has already been mined

00:44:03 Will bitcoin cycles continue?

00:47:12 ETF vs Self-custody

00:59:17 Saving bitcoin for centuries: Inheritance and Trusts 

01:08:12 Accelerating adoption and closing thoughts

1 Jan 2024 - The Biggest News of 2023

Bitcoin and Macro Review - The Why Bitcoin Show


0:04:43 – Discussion on the big picture theme of 2023.

0:07:23 – Macro themes in 2023: regional banking crises & BTFP program.

0:15:50 – Analysis of the 60/40 portfolio and bond performance.

0:23:26 – Conversation about volatility and risk in the market.

0:26:53 – Bitcoin news in 2023, including ordinals and soaring hashrate.

0:38:05 – Discussion on Bitcoin metrics and conviction growth.

0:44:20 – Narratives and sentiment in the institutional market.

0:50:46 – Examination of ESG and other FUD related to Bitcoin.

31 Dec 2023 - Planning for $10m Bitcoin - Blue Collar Bitcoin

Planning for $10m Bitcoin - Blue Collar Bitcoin


00:00 - Introduction and Shark Attack Story: Peter Dunworth shares his near-miss shark attack experience.

07:31 - Peter's Background: Discussing his career in fund management and mortgages.

16:40 - Bitcoin Valuation Insights: Peter explains his views on Bitcoin's valuation and its significance.

21:19 - The Value of Bitcoin: Delving into why Bitcoin is considered so valuable.

34:54 - BTC Adviser and Custody: Conversation on BTC Adviser, self-custody, multisig setups, and collaborative custody.

59:28 - Estate and Inheritance Planning: Discussing estate planning, inheritance planning, and BTC Adviser's role.

20 Nov 2023 - $28 BILLION BITCOIN... (Peter Dunworth & Luke Broyles)

$28 BILLION BITCOIN... (Peter Dunworth & Luke Broyles)


00:06:30 - Discussion on Bitcoin's Market Impact: An early discussion about Bitcoin's influence on the market and its potential growth.

00:12:00 - Bitcoin and the Financial System: Exploring Bitcoin's role and potential disruption in the traditional financial system.

00:24:00 - Technological Aspects of Bitcoin: Delving into the technological side of Bitcoin, including blockchain and security.

00:30:00 - Economic Theories Related to Bitcoin: Discussing how various economic theories apply to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

00:36:00 - Bitcoin's Social and Cultural Impact: Examining the impact of Bitcoin on society and culture.

00:48:00 - Regulatory Environment for Bitcoin: A conversation about the current and future regulatory landscape for Bitcoin.

01 Nov 2023 - The $100 Trillion Bitcoin Opportunity: Collaborative Custody

Blockware Podcast w/ Mitchell Askew


00:02:15 - Building ‘The Bitcoin Adviser’

00:04:34 - Why collaborative custody is the future of Bitcoin

00:06:29 - Passing on Bitcoin after your death

00:14:23 - The biggest Bitcoin rug pulls are in front of us

00:19:28 - The biggest hurdle to self custody

00:22:13 - How do large entities custody their Bitcoin?

00:28:40 - Should someone put 100% of their wealth into Bitcoin?

00:34:15 - Are the 70% drawdown bear markets over?

00:35:52 - The multiplier effect, Bitcoin to $5,000,000

00:55:43 - Bitcoin is hope

28 Oct 2023 - WHY ARE WE BULLISH? Rafael Cordon, Peter Dunworth, Portland Hodl - BITCOIN Chat

Why are we Bullish?

Join Rafael Cordon, Peter Dunworth, and Portland Hodl for an enlightening discussion about Bitcoin! The show explores the latest innovations, groundbreaking developments, price trends, institutional interest, cutting-edge technology, and more, all within the realm of Bitcoin. 

Whether you're a seasoned Bitcoin enthusiast or just beginning your journey, the panel of experts provide insights and perspectives that cater to all levels of expertise. Stay informed and stay bullish on Bitcoin with the wisdom shared by Rafael Cordon, Peter Dunworth, and Portland Hodl. Don't miss out on the forefront of BTC knowledge!

25 Oct 2023 - $10B PER Bitcoin Is Bearish? SHOCKING Math EXPOSED By Peter Dunworth!

Green Candle Podcast


00:00:00 - Introduction and discussion about the unique nature of Bitcoin and its valuation.

00:11:40 - Analysis of Bitcoin's functions as money and its potential market value.

00:17:30 - Discussion about the relationship between governments and Bitcoin, using El Salvador as an example.

00:29:10 - Addressing concerns about Bitcoin's volatility and its implications for investment.

00:46:40 - Analysis of macroeconomic factors affecting Bitcoin and the potential for a super cycle.

17 Sep 2023 - #168: Peter Dunworth - Unraveling the Value of the World's First Triple Point Asset

The Bitcoin Matrix Podcast


00:00:00 - Introduction to the Bitcoin Advisor:

00:05:20 - Discussion on Bitcoin's Value and Global Trade:

00:10:15 - Comparison of Current Currencies to Bitcoin:

00:15:10 - Role of the U.S Federal Reserve in Market Movements:

00:20:05 - Discussion on Inflation and the Federal Reserve's Actions:

00:25:00 - Challenges in Property Investment and Interest Rates:

00:30:15 - Bitcoin as an Impartial Option Outside the Existing System:

00:35:10 - Bitcoin's Predictability and Reliability:

00:40:05 - Bitcoin's Role in Providing Hope for a Better Future:

00:45:00 - Challenges and Solutions in Bitcoin Self-Custody:

13 Sep 2023 - Think Your Retirement Is Safe? THINK AGAIN, Andy speaking with Sean Clarke

Greatest Brightest Bitcoin Minds - A Bitcoin Podcast


00:00:00 - Introduction

00:05:30 - Discussion on the Current State of the Global Economy

00:07:45 - Impact of U.S. Policies on the Global Economy

00:11:00 - The Shift from Traditional Financial Systems to Bitcoin

00:14:00 - The Potential of Bitcoin in the Future

00:16:30 - Game Theory and Bitcoin's Role in Countries like El Salvador

00:20:00 - The Impact of Inflation on Traditional Currencies

00:23:00 - Choke Point 2.0 and Banks' Restrictions on Bitcoin Transactions

11 Sep 2023 - Bitcoin for Millennials - 002 - Peter Dunworth

Bitcoin for Millennials


00:07:00 - Discussion about the concept of ownership and how it's determined by external factors.

00:14:00 - Mention of foreign reserves of Russia and the Swift system.

00:28:00 - The idea of Bitcoin as a unit of account and how people view their wealth in terms of Bitcoin.

00:35:00 - Discussion about the energy consumption of Bitcoin and its transparency.

00:42:00 - The importance of understanding incentives in a system and how Bitcoin aligns incentives.

00:49:00 - The potential of Bitcoin to redefine society and unlock human creativity.

09 Sep 2023 - Valuing Bitcoin with Peter Dunworth on What Bitcoin Did with Peter McCormack ep 707

What Bitcoin Did - The biggest Bitcoin podcast in the world.


00:00:00 - Introduction

00:11:04 - Why banks fear Bitcoin

00:16:53 - Bank surveillance & social credit

00:29:04 - Government creep

00:39:19 - Fixing government incentives?

00:51:06 - Bitcoin valuation framework

01:08:07 - Bitcoin to the masses; inheritance

03 Sep 2023 - Macro & Bitcoin Update with Dale Warburton on The Why Bitcoin Only Show.

23 Aug 2023 - Clip from the Freedom Footprint Show #BitcoinInfinityDay 2023 livestream special! Part 2, our first guests Peter Dunworth and Michael Dunworth

16 Aug 2023 - Why $7,000,000,000 Bitcoin is BEARISH, Peter on G'Day Crypto with Sean Clarke

09 Aug 2023 - How 1 Bitcoin Gets To 7 Billion USD - Peter Dunworth on Bitcoin with Dinny

07 Aug 2023 - Dunworth Squared, the only thing better than 1 Dunworth is 2 Dunworth's. Join Hat's, Brendo, Peter and Michael. Ep97

03 Aug 2023 - Nico talks with Peter Dunworth an extraordinarily bullish financial adviser - his predictions might surprise you!! Simply Bitcoin

31 Jul 2023 - Audio: Andy Pattinson securing your bitcoin future with Dale Warburton

27 Jul 2023 - Building a #Bitcoin Advisory Service. Once BITten 362 with Daniel Prince

10 Jul 2023 - What Happens In 2028 When There Are No Bitcoin On Exchanges with Luke Mikic.

15 Jun 2023 - Stephan Livera Podcast - Bitcoin Estate Planning with Peter Dunworth

03 Jun 2023 - Gradually then suddenly: Bitcoin People Ep31

01 Jun 2023 - Audio: Special Macro Edition with Peter Dunworth & Dale Warburton

31 May 2023 - What is Time Locking

26 May 2023 - Bitcoin is a Black Hole to the Global Banking System, also you can read our summary of the conversation here.

24 May 2023 - Audio: Ep51 Bitcoin Inheritance with Peter.

14 May 2023 - $70 Million Bitcoin?...

2 May 2023 - The Power of Timelocking - Freedom Footprint Show #30

27 Apr 2023 - Audio: The inaugural “The Why Bitcoin Show” An Institutional Investors Perspective with Dale Warburton

11 Apr 2023 - Bitcoin Doesn't Need Cashflows

7 Apr 2023 - $10,000,000 BTC is Bearish

5 Mar 2023 - The Golden Principle, Investing Crashcourse, & Saving Money - #Bitcoin with Jake #67

8 Feb 2023 - EP70: What the High Net Worth think of Bitcoin