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Welcome to The Bitcoin Adviser — your premier destination for professional Bitcoin management. Our reputation is built on unparalleled Bitcoin security, strategic planning, and comprehensive client education. Entrusted with managing over $1 billion in assets, we have been serving Bitcoin clients since 2016, and take immense pride in the fact that not a single satoshi has been lost under our supervision.

As an individual contemplating a Bitcoin investment, you may find yourself asking critical questions. 

At The Bitcoin Adviser, our primary mission is to address these concerns and more, guiding you every step of the way on your Bitcoin journey, wherever you may live in the world.

In our mission to provide comprehensive insights into Bitcoin, we are proud to present a curated selection of thought-provoking podcast content. Our podcast section is home to numerous videos where Peter Dunworth and Andy Pattinson, our Bitcoin Advisers, elaborate on a broad spectrum of Bitcoin topics. These videos have been designed to inform, educate, and spark engaging discussions amongst Bitcoin enthusiasts and investors.

Visit our podcast page to immerse yourself in a wealth of knowledge that The Bitcoin Adviser has to offer. Dive deep into the world of Bitcoin and discover insights that empower you to make confident and informed decisions about your Bitcoin investments."

Client Testimonial:

"I'm just dropping you a 'thank you' note for The Bitcoin Adviser onboarding experience. Taking the initial plunge to move our Bitcoin from an Exchange into cold storage seemed like a herculean task at the time, but what came next was the real concern. 

Sure, removing the threat of being potentially shafted by bad actors was a relief, but that was quickly replaced by stress. And lots of it. At times, the thought of bearing the sole responsibility for securing the funds for our family legacy was terrifying. 

Enter you guys at The Bitcoin Adviser. Setting up our collaborative custody multisig arrangement has literally changed our lives for the better. The security we now enjoy in knowing our Bitcoin is safe is in very large part due to your efforts in explaining, guiding and finalising the onboarding process. It was seamless, pain-free and quick. I'm now sleeping like a baby.  

Thanks again from the O'Connor clan 🙏"

But we don't stop at securing investments. We believe informed clients are confident clients, which is why we focus on educating you and your family about Bitcoin. Our personalised consultations, informative podcasts, and onboarding process are designed to help you understand the ins and outs of Bitcoin investing.

We truly believe that Bitcoin can be a meaningful part of your investment portfolio, including Pensions and Superannuation. And we're here to help you navigate this exciting landscape. Join the growing number of sophisticated investors who entrust their Bitcoin investments to our process. 

At The Bitcoin Adviser, your financial legacy is our priority.


At The Bitcoin Adviser, we provide a comprehensive suite of services designed to meet the diverse needs of Bitcoin investors.

Our Bitcoin collaborative custody model combines the security of a multi-signature Bitcoin wallet with the added reassurance of a trusted third party holding one of the keys. This solution provides a seamless transition of your Bitcoin assets to your chosen beneficiaries in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

We offer strategic guidance on integrating Bitcoin into your estate plan. Our approach ensures that your Bitcoin pass on to your beneficiaries securely and seamlessly.

To ensure the successful transfer and management of your Bitcoin assets, we provide education services aimed at helping both you and your beneficiaries understand the mechanics and potential of Bitcoin.

Learn how our specialised Bitcoin advisory services, born from over 7 years of experience with Networth Advisers, can secure your family office's digital legacy and optimise intergenerational wealth transfer.

Explore our strategic partnership opportunities designed to empower financial advisers with the tools to confidently guide clients through the complexities of Bitcoin investment, despite regulatory limitations.

Discover how our bespoke Bitcoin solutions can enhance your legal practice's estate planning and asset protection services for clients navigating the digital currency landscape.

Success in the world of Bitcoin is not just about the investments; it's about you the investor. At The Bitcoin Adviser, we've noticed that the most satisfied and successful clients share certain qualities. These aren't just our clients; they're our partners in success. Are you one of them? Let's find out...

Welcome to The Bitcoin Adviser's blog, a curated space for individuals and savvy investors seeking to secure their Bitcoin investments and fortify their financial legacy. As you explore our thoughtful and informative articles, you'll gain valuable insights that equip you to navigate the exciting landscape of Bitcoin with confidence.

'The Bitcoin Adviser' is a GPT designed to assist you with Bitcoin-related inquiries, specialising in explaining the onboarding process for you. It provides detailed guidance on each step of the onboarding journey, from reviewing agreements to setting up multisig vaults and preparing estate plans. 

* It refrains from giving financial advice or making price predictions and focuses solely on Bitcoin and The Bitcoin Adviser's specific processes and services. Now widely available to all ChatGPT users.