Working with The Bitcoin Adviser

Welcome to The Bitcoin Adviser's pathway to partnership and advisory roles. We recognize the growing interest in joining our team and appreciate your enthusiasm for being part of our mission. To streamline this process and provide clarity, we've established two distinct pathways for those looking to collaborate with us. These pathways are designed to cater to different levels of commitment and involvement, ensuring a tailored fit for your goals and aspirations.

Pathway One: Referral Partner Program*

For Aspiring Referral Partners: This pathway is ideal for those who wish to engage with us primarily as advocates and influencers within their network. As a referral partner, your role will be to introduce new clients to The Bitcoin Adviser, helping them navigate the world of Bitcoin investment and custody.

Pre-application Process: Before applying to become a referral partner, we strongly recommend that you acquaint yourself with our core principles and services. This involves reviewing three key documents: the Referral Partner Guide, the About The Bitcoin Adviser document, and the Collaborative Custody document, all available below. This preparatory step is crucial in ensuring a mutual understanding and alignment of goals.

Application Review: Upon submission of your application, our team will evaluate your understanding of Bitcoin, alignment with our ethos, and potential to contribute to our community.

*Terms and Conditions apply, subject to a referral agreement.

Learn about becoming a Referral Partner with the Bitcoin Adviser

Learn about the Bitcoin Adviser services, how you help you, our clients safely secure your Bitcoin, plan for the future and provide peace of mind so you can sleep soundly at night.

Learn about different custody models for Bitcoin and why the Bitcoin Adviser recommends Collaborative Custody for your Bitcoin.

Pathway Two: Becoming a Bitcoin Adviser

From Referral Partner to Adviser: This pathway is designed for those aiming to take a more active, advisory role within our organization. The journey begins with you joining as a referral partner, where you'll demonstrate your capability, knowledge, and effectiveness in bringing new clients to our platform.

Performance-Based Advancement: As a referral partner, your performance will be closely monitored. Top performers who consistently demonstrate exceptional skill in referrals, a deep understanding of our services, and alignment with our values will be invited to become Bitcoin Advisers.

Transition to Adviser Role: Becoming a Bitcoin Adviser is a significant step that comes with greater responsibilities and opportunities. As an adviser, you'll have a more direct role in guiding clients through their Bitcoin journey, backed by comprehensive support and training from our team.

Whether you see yourself as a passionate advocate for Bitcoin, eager to spread the word as a referral partner, or aspire to take a more hands-on advisory role with us, these pathways provide a structured and rewarding journey towards achieving your goals. We welcome your interest and encourage you to embark on the path that aligns with your aspirations and commitment to the world of Bitcoin.

 If you prefer to contact us directly, feel free to email us at

We're looking forward to hearing from you! 

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